mercredi 24 septembre 2014

Energy Fuel sources for electricity generation in KH

In Hong Kong, the actual situation for electricity generation can be described as follows. Coal is used for 53%, nuclear represents 23%, natural gas 22% and renewable resources generates 2% of electricity for Hong Kong.  The current scheme for electricity generation will expire in 2018 (or 2023 if extended) and the government wants to rethink the energy-mix on the basis of the following considerations:

·         some of the power generating units will start to be retired in the coming few years;
·         the government is expecting a rising demand for electricity notwithstanding the small growth projected;
·         there is a will to meet the air pollutant emission reduction targets already set to improve air quality, both locally and regionally;
·         Hong Kong is committed to the carbon intensity reduction target proposed during the public consultation on Hong Kong’s climate change strategy and action agenda in 2010.

Hong Kong SAR Government (2014) proposes a quick review of the strengths and weaknesses of each energy source. On the basis of this quick review, two options are proposed. Option 1 consists in importing more electricity through purchase from the Mainland powergrid while option 2 proposes to use more natural gas for local generation. The other options seem to have been thrown away quite quickly!!!

Reference: Hong Kong SAR Government (2014) « Future Fuel Mix For Electricity Generation  Consultation Document»

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